I began wandering around outdoors, telling stories, and casting tiny wizard spells at age four, and basically haven’t stopped since, although my storytelling has taken different shapes over the years.

For a while, I thought I was going to be an opera singer, and I told stories on stage. Then I decided I was going to be a historian and started telling stories in my seminar papers, conference presentations, lectures, and, eventually, in my dissertation.

But all the while, I really wanted to write fiction–sharp, folkloric, funny, queer, magical, historical fiction. So, now I’m focusing on that, putting what I learned at Clarion West 2019 into action, building and inhabiting my beloved worlds.

My other loves include teaching, tea, PNW forest walks, anime, cooking, gardening, and running.

They/them pronouns, even if you’re just gossiping about me over tea.